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Many Hamilton homeowners opt to install quartzite counters. This natural stone brings beauty – and adds value – to your property. Before choosing a supplier, consider a few key points:
  • Selection. First, does the company maintain a showroom that offers a large variety of slabs to choose from? A premium company will house thousands of stone slabs in a showroom where customers can view them under natural light.
  • Comprehensive Service.Does the supplier offer beginning to end service? Dealing with more than one company can be complicated and time-consuming. Choose a supplier who also does fabrication and installation.
  • Technology. What kind of fabrication plant does the company maintain? Better stone suppliers use state of the art CNC fabrication. Computerized design and cutting boost the speed and efficiency of the fabrication process exponentially. As well, today's CNC provides the utmost in precision, ensuring that your quartzite counters fit as closely as possible.
  • Options. Your company should offer options for customizing, as well as various finishes and edges.
  • Reputation. Before choosing a company, do your due diligence. Find out about the company's track record, and stability. If possible, talk to previous customers to ask about their experience of the company.
  • Competitive Prices. Make sure you know the price range for the stone and services you are looking for, so that when you receive a quote you'll know where it falls.


When you install countertops in your Hamilton area home, there are a number of options available to you. First, of course, is the choice of stone. Two of the most popular choices today are granite and quartzite. Similar in appearance and durability, the choice really comes down to personal preference. Both quartz and granite are beautiful, stain and heat resistant, and score high on the Mohs scale of hardness. Other choices for countertops include onyx, travertine, and marble. Each type of stone has different advantages and challenges, but more and more Hamilton homeowners are choosing quartzite.
Another option is the finish of the stone. Do you prefer a highly polished look, or a honed (matte) finish? There may be other choices such as "leathered,” which gives stone a river-washed appearance. Polished finishes have a more formal look, but honed ones are easier to care for.
Edges are very important to the way that your finished countertop looks. Different edges look good with different styles of décor. For example, in a sleek modern kitchen, a basic three centimetre square edge would work well. If you prefer that the slab have a thicker look, a square and mitred edge will give that appearance. A variation of this, the eased and mitred edge has rounded corners and gives your countertop a more casual or friendly look. The bullnose edge is a classic; this rounded edge detail is perfect for more traditional designs. Waterfall edge gives a sense of movement; an ogee edge is more ornate. There are dozens of types of edges, and each one gives your stone a different feel.
By choosing the right supplier, you help to ensure that you'll be happy and satisfied with your new stone counter. Visit Hamilton area showrooms and discover the beauty of natural stone.

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